June 01, 2007

Quick Note

Elliot slept until 6:30 am today. I can't fully describe how wonderful and amazing that is. My normal "deal" with him, negotiated entirely within my own mind, is that he must must must sleep until 6, and if he wakes before then he just has to deal with it because I AM NOT GETTING UP AT 5:30, PEOPLE. So we've had an uneasy concensus on this point. But 6:30! That is so much better, so much later, so much more civilized than 6. If he would sleep until 6:30 everyday, it would give me a whole new lease on life.


Roxanne said...

Go Elliot! And I SOOO agree the difference between 5am and 6am is a happy and well adjusted Mama. Although, today we visit a friend and her 2 week old and I am thankful for even 5:45am.

Alesia said...

It must be the moon, because we all overslept today and didn't get up until 7:00 a.m. I didn't even mind running late for work because it was such a treat. Honestly, I think it's been years.

I hope the 6:30 sticks for you!

mimi said...

must be the cheerios! love, mimi