June 15, 2007


When I picked him up this morning, Elliot said, "aaaaa...Mama." He did! Then he said "aaaamagabala! brrrrrrr. ga! dadadadada." So I'm not taking the "mama" as a major accomplishment, but I do think it's a step in the right direction. "M" sounds a hard for bebes.

Elliot is starting to have little flecks of gold around the pupils of his eyes...which is beautiful, but which I confess to being a little bummed about. We Mesle's have all blue eyes, and my great hope for Elliot was that he'd get Harvey hair (which curls) and Mesle eyes. But it seems we're working more towards a hazelly blue, like Brandon's.

My Aunt Nan is here visiting right now, and it is so nice.

Sometimes when Elliot had been crying for a while, and then all of a sudden stops, I think it's sort of what it must have been like to be in the trenches, in WWI, with guns firing for so long, for what seems like forever, and then they stop, and it's quiet, but you don't know if it's because you've really won or if it's because they've just paused to reload and start firing again.

You can tell we are urban hippy parents, because we've decided we prefer the Whole Foods Organic Cheerios (for "Whole Kids!") to the trader joe's whole wheat organic ones. Even though we hate the "Whole Kids!" schtick.

The weather here is amazing. Sublime. I can't believe how ideal it is; it's like a fantasy of a summer day.

Apropos of nothing except the nice weather, here is a little video of Elliot and his neighbor friend, Gillian. Note that while Gillian holds her flower delicately, Elliot holds little red bits which were a flower, until he joyfully shredded them past recognition.

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