June 01, 2007

How we're doing on "child-proofing"

When he was here last weekend, my Dad put door latches on the cabinets under the sink. Also, there's no longer a compound mitre saw sitting in the middle of our dining room floor.

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TH said...

If you put on the kind of latch that goes behind the cabinet, that you just press gently from the top, don't be surprized if they don't last long. We used these initially, because you could still pretend that you had an adult kitchen, and not have to give up the esthetic of every room. I broke one of them, and before Aidan turned 2 he figured out how to open them. We now have the really ugly kind that goes on the outside of the cupboard.

I don't think the parenting books I own do justice to the baby proofing issue. The guidance is really not specific enough. Lira, for example, loves to play in the bathroom. She pulls long swaths of toilet paper all over, rips it into little peices and eats it. And if, god forbid, the toilet seat is ever left up she likes to splash in the toilet water. I am not making this up. Keep the door closed and the lid down or buy a lid lock you might be thinking...well you may be forgetting that I have a potty trained toddler, who can open the door, and reach the toliet paper. The books don't really discuss this kind of stuff.

Throw away, or lock away any Sharpies you may own. Two couples we know have lost furnishings that way. Water soluble markers only!

Try as you might, he will eventually get into something that he is not supposed to. I always go and find both kids when it is too quite... that is a sign of trouble.