June 09, 2007

Elliot Management

Remember how I told you that Elliot and I had "agreed" that he would sleep until six? Well. He is not, just now, upholding his side of the bargain. This is the second day in a row he has woken up at 5:15. This morning he went back to sleep for a little bit, without intervention from me, but now he is awake again and crying the cry of One-Who-Is-Clearly-Fine-But-Just-Pissed-Off: AAAAAA! AAAAH! huh. Huhhuhhuh. AAAA!

I'm going in there in a second to try and reason with him. I sigh the sigh of One-Who-Is-Awake-But-Not-Happy-About-It.

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Sheree said...

There's nothing quite like the one sided bargain. Life is full of these. We've been manipulated into so many agreements. Most recently, the agreements we've entered into with our employers where we sign away our right to privacy or to the intellectual property we create while employed by them. In return we are given a chance to make our livelihood. We make agreements to abide by the rules set by our online software managers or the manufacturers of our electronic devices--usually we don't know what we've agreed to because the agreement is too long to read in the space of a single window and the OK button is so coveniently clicked. As children we were manipulated into abiding by the unreasonable demands of our older siblings through threats, or we agreed to the whims of school children through playground terrorism. For the infants, the terms of engagement are even less voluntary. The babes are unable to comprehend what they're getting themselves into when we pick up their little fists and "shake" on it. For them, even the concept of the contract is beyond their understanding. It's so tempting, as the party in power, to force an "agreement".
Jackson and I have agreed that he will sleep atleast 4 hours for the first block of the night. Last night, he managed a record 6, but its usually just 2-3. I reinforce the tenuous pact by overfeeding him before bed in an attempt to stave off the hunger that interferes with our bargain.