June 28, 2007

What, to a plum, is the fourth of july?

Friends, we are heading out of town. Just an fyi that if we're not here posting it will be because we are eating Julie's homemade peach ice cream, or paddling in the wading pool with Emma, or chasing grammy's cat Olivia, or shopping at the newly-built fireworks warehouse (because the old fireworks warehouse BURNT DOWN, can you imagine), or participating in a greased watermelon contest, or teasing my dad for stealing all the tootsie rolls at the parade (even though the CANDY is for the CHILDREN, DAD), or watching Ada run feral through the woods.

Happy Fourth, everyone!


Nico said...

Have a great time.

Roxanne said...

sounds fun..i want to come :)
Have a blast!

Katie said...

Sarah, you sound like you are going back in time thirty years too! Have a great time!!