May 29, 2010

What to call it?

The thing about this new embryo, this fetus, gestating as it is only a short distance from the University of Michigan football stadium, one of the largest stadiums in the whole world . . . is that, as a fetus, it just seems so damn sporting.  It's springy and athletic to no end.  It twirls.  Elliot was, we now realize, a sedate and sober thing by comparison.

Michigan sports has suffused our 9 month retreat to Ann Arbor.  During the football season, we could hear every Michigan Wolverines football game from our house.  And nearly every evening, we could also hear, more faintly, the marching band out practicing their songs and routines.  We often went to watch them practice; the public can sit, if they want, in a set of bleachers facing an exactly-football-field-sized parking lot, and see the band go through their paces.  This activity, coupled withs some raisins or a sippy cup of milk, was a sure way to please a grouchy early-evening Elliot.  On the flip side, telling him we were NOT going to watch band practice (which he could, of course, HEAR!) was often a touchy proposition.  So we did watch a significant amount of band practice.

Elliot memorized the Michigan fight song before we knew what had happened (he can do that??) and it's been a staple of his existence ever since -- he played it on the kazoo this morning, in fact.  They also have chants which he likes.

      It's GREAT...
      To BE...
      A MIchigan WOLverine it's
      To BE...
      etc., etc.
      etc., etc.

Elliot generally misheard "Michigan Wolverines," though, as "Michigan Mulberries" (which does make sense, if you say it the way they say it in the chant).  That tickled us, so when this new embryonic creature came along (high five!), we semi-christened it a Michigan Mulberry.

But . . . that name already wore off, and usually we just call it Blue, as in

We also declare that this new Blue is ALL IN, as in

And we bought Sarah a five-dollar Michigan T-shirt that simply says ALL IN on the front -- in huge collegiate block lettering.  Then we bought the same shirt again, in a huge pregnancy size that she can't even wear yet.  ALL IN.
You may, for some reason, not find this as funny as we do.  But please rest assured that it is, in fact, funny.  Maybe you just had to be there.

May 26, 2010

A playlist for LA

The first thing to do, if you are moving to California, is make a soundtrack. Here's a start.

Unfortunately, not all these songs in this weird little player actually . . . play!  But here is a bundle of all the songs, for download to your own computer.

May 24, 2010

High Five

It's all settled now: the baby you see pictured here is going to be born in September, in Los Angeles, California, where both of its parents have accepted new jobs.

Brandon will be taking a job at Oblong Industries.

Sarah will be a Mellon Visiting Professor at UCLA.