September 04, 2009

In A-2

We are set up in Ann Arbor and open for business! Will post more v. soon.

Please see my Facebook profile (under the Info tab) for our new home address and home phone number (which is not a landline, but will ring both of our cellphones).

We don't have interwebs at home yet, but there's a Chicago Public Schools teacher on an Amtrak train, right now, headed east. She's carrying the goods: a DSL modem. Her name is Kate. And we need what she has.

P.S. Yes, they call it A-2 here (as in, "A-2 Window and Glass", "A-2 Auto Works" and not AA. For reasons that should be obvious.

P.P.S Elliot is doing well -- about 85% of his normal awesomeness level, which is good under the circumstances. But he's totally sleeping in our bed and we can't do a thing about it.