June 07, 2007

Happy Three-Quarters

Nine months! He is nine months old today. Here are some things to know about Elliot, at nine months:

*He likes to scootch around

*Next to scootching around, he likes Cheerios. You know how the other day I was asking about baby discipline? The answer to the question of baby discipline is "cheerios." Elliot will do anyting for some cheerios.

*Yesterday, when Shayna referred to Elliot by name, he totally stopped what he was doing and looked at her.

*Sometimes if he is fussing and he sees you make the sign for something he wants ("up," "milk") he will stop fussing and smile.

*He has, a couple of times, seemed scared of things, lately. This is totally new. Along similar lines, he's had a couple episodes of something approximating separation anxiety, which I have been very pleased we have thus far avoided, but which I must confess secretly pleased me when it happened.

*Elliot is right this moment launching a friendly assault on his favorite plant, which means I have to go.


Misty said...

Happy Day, Elliot! May it be blessed with an abundance of O's.

Kimberly Greer Snow said...

Hi B and Sarah: Your reference to making the sign for something reminds me: do you guys dabble in sign language for babies? I know very little about it, but I know a couple of people who have used it with their babies, with great success. Has this become an everybaby thing?

Re: the scootching, I wanted to mention that I didn't walk until I was about 14 months. I was a champion crawler and took my sweet time. Common with firstborn children? My youngest sister Diana was walking at nine months, and apparently running a short time later. One apocryphal story claims that she climbed up on top of the fridge by herself when she was about a year old, and we still don't know how she did it.

Anyway, love to both of you, and to Elliot of the nine months fame. Your blog is amazing. I love my baby books with the curling pictures and looping comments by visiting relatives and locks of my hair taped everywhere, tiny red inky footprints, careful lists of gifts and dates, my mom's exclamation points all over, and wouldn't trade those books for anything -- but this blog is like my baby books on crack. I mean that in the nicest, warmest way. It's just wonderful.


Roxanne said...

I agree with the cheerios- WHat on earth will we do when their problems cannot be solved by those fabulous little O's....too much for me now....a topic for a later time

w said...

Happy 9-months, Mr. E! Come on over for a ride in the exersaucer.

love, Whit and Graham