June 24, 2007

More of the same

These two videos do not show any new skills, nor do they show Elliot's new proto-skill, which is making a gesture which might be the successful making of "up" sign--that is, poking up in the air with a pointed finger--or which might, less charmingly, be the only semi-successful picking of his nose.*

These videos don't show those things.

However, despite their redundancy and possibly irritating self-indulgence, we are posting them because this is our blog, dammit, and if we want to post reduntant and self-indulgent videos of our wee child, then YOU CAN'T STOP US.

They do show Elliot standing around casually in a nightgown (thanks Julia!), which is kind of new. The standing, not the nightgown. Anyway, it kind of knocks me out, how cute he is, which these videos document by including my enthusiastic maternal screetchings.

*Really, this whole signing thing is a little confusing. We've been somewhat half-hearted about the signing, because of the obvious reasons (I mean, really? infant sign language?), and also because an irritating number of signs involve two hands, and if you are the parent of an infant you never have two free hands. But we've persevered a little, because clearly it would be cool. And now this weekend, when we have made the up sign at Elliot he has several times seemed to make it back to us. We have both noticed this. But it's confusing because he also just likes to point, even when he does not think we are watching him, and also because he's definitely interested in "pointing" into his nostrils.

We'll see.

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