June 23, 2007

Things Elliot Likes: A partial list, in no particular order

1: His reflection in the dishwasher
2: Tearing leaves off a particular plant in the study
3: His new toy from Nancy, which involves whapping wooden balls through a wooden box
4: The cord on the kitchen telephone
5: Rolling a bottle around the kitchen floor, and chasing after it
6: The crazy toy roxanne lent us, which has lots of bells and whistles
7: Trying to pull himself up on my legs
8: His bath
9: Books with things to grab
10: Things that beep (particularly the phone and the remote control)
11: Chewing on keys
12: Cheerios
13: His rubber ducky
14: Ada


Rodrigo said...

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Beck said...

The reflection in the dishwasher thing threw me for a second, because my dishwasher is dark brown faux wood and no one at no time has ever seen their reflection in it. But then I recalled that SOME people have shinier ones!