June 23, 2007

More News from the Front

"The Front," of course, being Elliot's gums. It seems they are currently doing...i dunno, battle, with a third upper tooth. Elliot is not happy about being felt up in his gum region, but we have confirmed that you can both see and feel glimpses of this third tooth, which is on his upper left.

I am at once thrilled at Elliot's tooth-getting precociousness and vaguely put out by his approaching assymetry. Three teeth on top! How odd. I guess we will just have to hope for a fourth soon.

In other news, this morning Elliot was puttering around and commenting on the world (he's very chatty) and said a series of sounds that sounded awfully like, "Zenidene...Zidane!" Wouldn't it be awesome if those were his first words? Our little futbol announcer.

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