May 31, 2007

more news

Yesterday, Elliot first ate cheerios. I feel this is a real landmark, because how do you get through the toddler years without cheerios? Elliot ate a lot of them, and then ate too many at once and sort of choked, and then puked them all up on my friend Shayna's rug. So our first cheerios encounter wasn't I guess a complete success, but I think we're on the upward trail here.

(In passing, I had never realized until Shayna pointed it out to me why it is cheerios that are the first chewable food of so many babies: cheerios have holes. So babies can't choke on them! Even if they get stuck in a baby's throat, the baby can still breath. It is pure genius; I'd never realized.)

Anyway, the other first of the day is more romantic: it's Elliot's first Blue Moon. Since a luminous and large full moon shined on us the whole way to the hospital the night Elliot was born, we always think of the full moon as Elliot's moon--this will be his tenth. And my friend Kate just called to leave a message to say that she was thinking of us because it was a blue moon--I hadn't realized--and she wanted to wish him a happy first. So nice!

Happy first blue moon, Elliot. We're glad you are here, cheerio-puke and all.


Kate said...

It is a very astronomically complicated blue moon. It sits on the cusp of the month, which makes it tricky. Here in our hemisphere, the blue moon falls in May. In Europe, the blue moon will be in June. In Australia\NZ it falls in July. So, a good first for E.

Having recently taught basic astronomy to fourth graders I feel like I need a flashlight, a Sharpie, a golf ball and a hunk of Styrofoam to really sort this multiple blue moon business out.

Alternatively, that list of objects might allow me to conquer the world.

Keri said...

and the hole in life savers let's choking kids not die from swallowing that candy whole too.

man i could go for some butter rum life savers...

glad the wee one enjoyed the game.

Misty said...

I actually like those Gerber puffies things? Same developmental stage with the pincher grasp and all. They come in sweet potato, which makes me feel like I am giving Ian *ahem* vegetables AND they dissolve. Ian doesn't have teeth yet, so I am going to hold off on the Cheerios for a bit. But I will be excited when those little 0's become a permanent accessory to the diaper bag as well! Congratulations Elliot!

TH said...

Once you start giving him sliced things it is advisable to cut fruits and veggies into long thin strips rather than chunks. Evidently, the strips are harder to choke on.