May 22, 2007

Not such great heights

As an appropropriate addendum to B's post of Sunday: falling hurts. NOT (o, do not worry) that Elliot has gone and done something ridiciulous like falling off a porch.* But he did, the other day, fall from the great height of about eight inches which I would guess is about the distance from his nose to the ground when he is lurching around in his not-quite-yet-crawling way. All babies in this phase face-plant pretty often, and I think as a parent you just sort of have to make your peace with the sound of your baby's face hitting the floor, because it just happens all the time and if you don't let them try than they're never going to learn to crawl. My project lately has been to learn to try and stiffle my own gasp of horror every time Elliot falls--usually, if you don't respond, they don't either.

But anyway, really: Elliot was lurping around and he fell on his little face, and despite the short distance of the fall he managed to work up enough momentum that he actually gave himself a bloody nose. A bloody nose! On my baby.

Brandon and I spent the rest of the morning pretty much in recovery--patting each other on the back and sighing deeply. Elliot, I'm happy to say, didn't seem to really notice.

*My mama points out that I was a real pro at this whole falling business, and at least twice in my infancy didn't so much "fall" as "leap joyfully into the air" from the top step of a flight of stairs. To which I say: Oh, Mama. I am so sorry.


Amy E said...

Michelle Christensen's (formerly Piz) baby, Sienna, 2 years old, fell a few months ago and chipped the middle of both of her two top front teeth. Michelle cried about that for a week. Sienna did look kind of funny.

Then, one of the teeth abcessed, and oral surgery became necessary. More crying for another week. Tooth removed entirely.

Eventually, around age 3, Sienna will receive a bridge attached to her rear molars.

The dentist tried to convince Michelle to keep Sienna front-toothless. Michelle said all children have enough rejection to deal with, let alone not having a front tooth until the permanent ones come in around age 8-12.

So, just feel lucky about the bloody nose and be grateful Elliot still has/will have, his teeth.

Kate said...

In August I will approach my 8th year of doing yoga. This has given my the wisdom to say:

"Elliot, balance is hard.

But interesting. And fun. You learn to find your own weight in the balance. You'll find it in crawling, then walking. Then later, you'll figure out your own fulcrum. Maybe dancing. Maybe standing on one foot. Maybe being upside down balanced on your hands. Maybe just in standing *really* well. Sooner or later you will learn to fall gracefully, which will bring your parents peace.

The learning may be messy, (sorry 'bout the bloody nose) but keep with it and you'll find a balance that makes you'll feel like you're flying. Even if it takes a few falls to get there."

MAC said...

Pobrecito! I suppose the truth is that we have to let them fall sometimes, but it doesn't make it any easier...

katiphillips said...

Sarah -- Didn't you break your arm as a small child? I seem to remember a story about a tiny cast.

Sarah's mom! said...

Dear Katie P:

yes, ms sarah elizabeth broke her elbow, her leg and her arm, all by age four. She also had to have her eye stitched up and one of her surgical incisions cleaned out in the ER cuz sarah decided to clean it "my own self" with lysol!

sarah's mom, postscript said...

oh yeah, and two surgeries (only one major one) on the broken Elbow at 13 months. poor sarah. she went through a lot!

TH said...

One of my friends yells "Safe!", when her kids have a fall. Maybe he would appreciate this considering his new found love of baseball.