May 17, 2007

Babies Continue Booming!


In the last few weeks, Elliot's circle of acquaintance has grown by two. Bill and Reesa had a daughter, Isabel Yasmin, who no doubt will grow up speaking both arabic and hebrew and will, thus, save the world, if Bill and Reesa don't beat her to it themselves. Isabel was born in canada, and there in toronto she weighs 3195 Grams. Here in the states she weighs about seven pounds.

Also, Brandon's good college friend Sheree just had her son Jackson, AKA Action Jackson, who is indeed all action. At a mere three or so weeks, friends, he can already smile. He might even be able to roll over. If there were a newborn Olympics I would be signing him up.

Both of these newborns also have the tremendous advantage of actually looking really gorgeous and normal and expressive and not at all wrinkly and newbornish. Not that there's anything wrong with newborns, but you know what I mean.

So, welcome to the world, Isabel and Jackson! And to your parents: welcome to the other side.

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