April 21, 2008

He is as is a little sponge

so i totally yelled at elliot on Saturday. I mean, not really--it's not like I lost my temper or was actually angry, really, at all. But he was bouncing on Ada's head--by which I mean, literally sitting on her head and bouncing up and down and I just decided that this behavior could not continue. I am tolerant; Ada is tolerant. But head bouncing is right out. Forever. Definitely. Finito.

So anyway, I was like, "Elliot, NOOO. Noooooo." Very firmly and loudly; there may have been some finger wagging and meaningful eye contact. Elliot's response was to burst out laughing, so I was like--oh well, so much for my attempt at being Firm.

But it's interesting, because although Elliot has not ceased in his attempts to bounce on Ada he's become very interested in the word "no." All day yesterday, sometimes in context and somtimes not, he just wandered around bellowing "noooo, nooo, noooooooooooo."

Brandon says he is doing a very good imitation of me, which is to say, I think, that Elliot's attempting to convey a complex series of ideas: "it's not that I am angry but rather I'm just disappointed that you are failing to live up to the moral standards which you and I both, I'm sure, agree are imperative for the sustainability of social order, but as I said, I'm certainly not mad."


Beck said...

I think mad is okay, so long as it's not furious out of control scary mad. Some stuff warrants mad. (and that first time you get mad at your kid? Whoa, that's a hard feeling.)

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's doing an Amy Winehouse impression.

TH said...

He is old enough for a time out, and hurting the dog is certainly punishable by a time out. Lira, who is six months older than Elliot, gets really upset if she gets a time out, and is very careful not to re-offend.

For Lira we can just sit her on the floor and tell her she is in time out. Aidan getse a lot more out of control, so I usually put him in a room on a bed so that he can tantrum somewhere soft.