April 12, 2008

Radio Flyer Sample Sale: A Disagreement over fundamental values

We did not buy the pictured tricycle, with which Elliot was obsessed.

Why was he obsessed with it? Because he could clearly tell that it was the shiniest thing around, and that it was big, way too big. Completely unwieldy for a person of his size. But big and shiny are concepts he gets, and cares deeply about. He wept angrily when we plopped him on the toys that were actually his own size. He would have none of it.

We selfish adults bought him -- what? A wee, tiny red wagon, about twelve inches long, for ten dollars. It is the cutest little wagon, perfect for dolls, animals, blocks, and other small friends. It's the kind of wagon you can take under the dining room table with you, or wear as a hat.

Does Elliot care about this wee wagon? Not really.

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Roxanne said...

I love that pic- he looks lik he is ready to take on the world, just Elliot & his tricycle :) (or the tricycle of his dreams)