April 06, 2008

where I want to read my book

I just saw this! 

One of the pleasingest weeks of my earlier life was this one winter when we moved, right at the end of the semester.  My new school and new semester didn't start quite yet, so I had a whole winter week to spend doing nothing--nothing but sit in the attic eaves of our new house and eat english muffins with cheese and drink grape juice and read read read.  The ceiling slanted down close, but there was a window, and I dragged in all these pillows and it was so snug and airy and fantastic.

Brandon and I often discuss the logistics of making a reading nook for Elliot.  Since it's not looking like we'll have some odd attic crawl space anytime soon, maybe we'll build something like this.  When, as the website says, we move to a loft and then we, both of us, marry a carpenter.

(link via Beck the clever)


Beck said...

Isn't that a little dream place? My husband - who is quite clever in his own right - is handy enough to build that, and we're considering something rather like that for the Boy's nook in his bedroom. We'll see!

w. wilson said...

Um. I WOULD live there. Now.

Michelle said...

Hmmmmmm. This is WONDERFUL. I think Sean could manage, being a woodworker, perhaps. Maybe in the shape of a Gaudiian fairy/mushroom house, which truly, I would like Sean to build for me: