April 16, 2008


Someone in our house did the following today:

  1. Closed the dog in this special between-the-doors place, unbeknownst to everyone else. She was not discovered for an hour.

  2. Took a shit in this bowl, which happened to be lying on the floor:

  3. Awakened the entire household at 5:30 AM. It felt like this:

  4. The culprit was last seen avidly blowing kisses just like this one:


Nic said...

It's a good thing they're so cute!!!

Michelle said...

Nice that the shitting was completely, utterly premeditated and very well thought out (and neatly done). I mean, why ELSE would a bowl be laying on the floor?

Great seeing you yesterday, Glorious 70 degree yesterday, with Water Activities no less! And also great-witnessing the utter saccharine sweetness of our toddlers' canoodleing.

sarah said...

i feel i should mention to everyone that ada, while surely not comfortable in her narrow intra-door confines, was also completely quiet and peacable about it. which is why i didn't find her for so long.

Elliot has been very enthusiastic in his interest in ada lately, poor pooch, so i am thinking that she was a little harriet jacobs-like--miserable in her confines, but glad to be free of unsolicit poking and prodding.

how's that for a rationalization? katy and julia, i hope you appreciate it.

Beck said...

There came a time when each of my toddlers suddenly became VERY aware of my cats, which is why my cats are now such wary, terrified creatures, poor things.

Amy E said...

mwah ha ha ha ha,
mwah ha ha ha

Very, very funny!

Jenny said...

I don't know what's funnier, the fact the E shat in a bowl, or the fact that because I have kids of my own it seems perfectly reasonable to take a photo of it.

And Sarah, I'm sorry about the laptop/coffee incident.

kati said...

Remind me not to eat chips out of that bowl when I come over.

TH said...

Wow! He is becoming a toddler!

womaninawindow said...

EW! He's evil cute!