May 03, 2008


gDiapers -- nice ad copy, but whoa.

gDiaper liner refills (
==> 128 / 52.00 = 41 cents each

Huggies (Costco):
==> 258 / $39.99 = 15.5 cents each

P.S. By a quick calculation similar to this one (we don't fit 24 diapers in one load, but we have a much more efficient washer than he does, etc...) or this one . . . I figure that each cloth diaper costs us something like 6-12 cents of energy & detergent, plus the sunk cost of the washer & dryer & the diapers. Plus labor.


Sheree said...

Ka-Ching! I'm with you. But maybe a little less $$ since I have the sunk cost of a well, efficient washer, gas dryer, and summer clothes line.

Besides, what the hell is the gdiaper composed of? Also, who wants to fertilize their garden with human urine derivitives and/or host a big composting pile of urine in the yard? (Not even me, although buried in the septic field is A-OK).

And since I assume KT prompted the post. Hi. Are you reading comments left on Elliot's blog? Hope so cuz it'll take me a while to respond directly to you.

Big Love, All!

Michelle said...

We got these great little hanger looking things with clips that we put over our radiators in the winter (the Container Store), and which we can hang outside in the summer for the cloth diaper liners. The cloth diapers themselves will dry overnight if you just lay them over a drying rack... so, no need to dry.

Be Like the Squirrel, Girl said...

Hey. Britt said the same thing when I told him they are "compostable." "Not in our yard, they're not!" he said. Still, I might take them for a test run to see what I think. We are already spending $$ on the chlorine-free hippie diapers from Whole Foods. At least the idea of the g diapers breaking down is better than the idea of piles of them accruing in a landfill and taking hundreds of years to disintegrate...?

Haven't given up on the idea of cloth diapers either. We're still adjusting to the no-sleep-just-grab-hippie-diaper routine.