March 12, 2008

we think he might have discovered adjectives

or, like, proper nouns or something.  anyway, this weekend he seems to refer to a particular book--a book with an apple on the cover--as "apple book," and just this morning seems to have refered to another book--which features a gorilla unlocking a lot of doors--as a "key book."

we're not sure, and we know that this is still kinda small potatoes compared to some of elliot's peers who like, know the alphabet, i swear.  but really!  Apple book!  yay!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Elliot!

What a clever boy you are! Your Uncle Mark resisted counting and "alphabeting" too; he had a cerain disdain for such a boring, repetitious task! But now, an "apple book!" That has panache!

Love you, Miss you, Mimi