March 16, 2008

new friend on the way!

I'm all hyped up this morning and just had to tell you, because i think that right now elliot is in the process of acquiring a new cousin!  Or rather, to be exact I am in the process of acquiring a new cousin, but I think it's likely that this new baby being born today will be more of a playmate to Elliot than me.  

Anyway, it's exciting!  I'm bouncing around wondering if it's still useful to knit a hat for a new baby in late March, in the south?  Do southland spring babies need hats?  I am sending my love to that little soon-to-be-baby's small head.  Send your love, too--this baby is coming a little earlier than expected and so will, hats aside, definitely need lots of soft blankets and feelings to stay safe and warm.

PS: Elliot slept in until 7 this morning, and we are all just in GREAT MOODS!  C'mon over now for tea, and sprinting up and down the hallway.

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