March 31, 2008

Food Success

As we have mentioned several times, Elliot is not a particularly adventurous eater.  While his friends munch on asiago chicken sausage, dried seaweed chips, whole raw mushrooms, fried eggs, and so forth, Elliot pretty much eats...milk.  And some other things.  Like maybe six other things, not including deserts which don't count.*  I'm exaggerating a little, but not much.

Anyway, we're super excited that Elliot has added a big number seven to his list of acceptable foods.  It is a kind of exciting and moral new food--Brandon's homemade protein bars, inspired by Alton Brown's "Good Eats" recipe.  They include things like tofu,** wheat germ, eggs, peanut butter, and protein powder, and I can confirm that they are quite good.  I mean, sure, they are protein bars, which means that they're weird.  But weird is relative when you're feeding a child.

That photo has nothing to do with food or protein bars.  It's just cute.

*I should say that Elliot's eating has gotten better in the last couple of weeks; we're back to eating some staples.  Peas, for instance, have returned into favor.

**Do people have thoughts on the soy protein for children issue?  I know a couple of people who are convinced that it's a terrible idea, but I myself haven't found any proof that I would consider conclusive on that issue.


w. wilson said...

We were JUST talking about the need to find a snack bar recipe with less sugar then the Trader Joe/Nutra Grain/etc varieties, one that I can make at home without all those nasty preservatives, so excellent timing Sarah. The recipe looks great, though I might nix the soy protein powder, since there's peanut butter and Tofu in there anyway.


w. wilson said...
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Beck said...

Some kids are just awful to feed and a lot of them outgrow it. I don't think there's a whole lot to do about it unless you want to become stern and draconian and who wants to do that?
Yay! Granola bar recipes!

Amy E said...

What is terrible about soy protein for kids? Pardon my childless ignorance. I hadn't heard that before. I can understand why soy protein shouldn't be administered to children exclusively without meat protein, but is it okay with meat protein?

There is a new bar being made in Park City called "Pro Bar". It is soooooo organic and good. I have a hard time choking down protein bars despite my athletic activities, so I am really happy to find this new deliciousness. Rumor has it that Pro Bars can now be found at REIs and Whole Foods/Wild Oats all over the country.

shabbyshanks said...

Ah that scoundrel protein. Millie and Laney will, without exception, always eat edamame. They're pretty easy to cook and they'll eat them by the handful. Although at some point I'm hoping that Millie will find it amusing to shuck the beans out of the pod.