March 26, 2008


Here we see Elliot and one of his friends, Babar.

He is subjecting Babar to an examination to see if he has bumped his head, which is what happened to the monkies who jump on the bed. Elliot is super-interested in the subject of who has bumped their head. (And he wags his finger around whenever the doctor delivers his orders: "no more monkies jumping on the bed.")

As it turns out, Babar is fine.

Babar is a good friend. He was introduced to us by another friend who is actually a person, Amy E, and Amy's gift of Babar is significant for a couple of reasons.

First, Amy and I share a particular affection for Elephants. They are powerful but also very delicate. They are wild, and also they paint. So: elephants. Amy has been one of Elliot's major suppliers of elephants.

Second, this particular Babar was Amy's gift to Elliot on his first birthday, and to ensure that Elliot had the right Babar Amy did extensive research and ordered this one from France, and he arrived with special French tags still in place; a world traveller. Lest you think that this is extraordinary gift-giving behavior, let me assure you that it is not extraordinary for Amy, who also had a special elephant-themed quilt commissioned for Elliot's actual birth, also a favorite.

One thing that is special about Elephants is that they show remarkable emotional sensitivity, particularly the female elephants. They mark the life passages of each other. When one elephant gives birth, the others gather around her and trumpet supportively.

Amy has been a major trumpeter for Elliot. She greeted him with love and attends to his growing with care.

Thus today, we would like to return the favor by sending a resounding elephant TARROOOO westward to Los Angeles, to say to Amy: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

We trumpet for you because we love you very much.

In the spirit of your birthday, let us now quote Dr. Suess, who also appreciated elephants:

So we'll go to the top of the toppest blue space,
The Official Katroo Birthday Sounding-Off Place!
Come on! Open your mouth and sound off at the sky!
Shout loud at the top of your voice, "I AM I!
I am I!
And I may not know why
But I know that I like it.
Three cheers! I AM I!"


Beck said...

Lovely post - and very handsome Babar (and little boy).

Amy E said...

Wow, thank you so much! This is easily the best gift I received yesterday. I showed this post to my entire family. A happy birthday indeed it was.

Long live Elephants!

Anonymous said...

To Elliot's "Aunt Amy!"

On Easter Sunday afternoon, Elliot, Brandon, and I were waiting in their car while Sarah and her dad ran an errand in Trader Joe's. B. was directing some of his usual craziness into the backseat where Elliot was buckled in. I said to the Boy, "Your Aunt Amy says that Brandon has always been funny! How do you feel, Elliot, about having such a crazy Da?"

Where the AUNT AMY came from, I'm not sure. I mean, Amy, we haven't even met, have we? But I feel I know you a little!

so there it is...Happy Birthday, Aunt Amy!

Elliot's Mimi

Amy E said...

I am more than happy to be Aunt Amy!!!