March 16, 2008

Two Updates!

Hi there! We wanted to say two things. First of all, the "apple book" of which Elliot speaks is this one:

And truly, we can't praise it enough. We are not sure who gave us this WONDERFUL WONDERFUL book, but we are very grateful. Thank you!

Second, and more importantly, we officially have a new cousin! We would like to announce the birth of Alexander Daniel Hiles, 4 lbs 8 oz, born late last night to Tom and Sara. Welcome to the family, Alex! We are excited about your safe delivery (yay Sara!) and can't wait to meet you.


Beck said...

Hey, we love that book! Congratulations on the new nephew!

Smartphone said...

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Michelle said...

Who knew that you were friends with someone named Smartphone (blogspam, novel!)!

We also have this book, and Gilly loves the dogs and the balls. Of course, the balls. Which she can spot even in the pic where there is a kid holding an orange ball that is the size of a pinhead. She is also exceedingly fond of the red boots ('soos') at this moment.

Sheree said...

Welcome tiny Alexander!!

We will have to check out the Apple book, although if it doesn't have a gimmick (read: fur, peep windows, or fire engine siren) it may not be a favorite yet.

Sheree said...

One more thing, I love the international blog spam. I once got one from a woman who makes elaborate cakes from fabric. So, OK, you won't gain any weight--but what do you do with it the day after your birthday? You can't have it for breakfast.

Amy E said...

Mmmm, cake. Mmmm, breakfast. Mmmm, fabric. Mmmm, international. Mmmm, spam. Mmmm, blog.