January 29, 2008

What we learned today

So, Elliot somehow learned to say the word "uh oh!" this morning. I was reflecting on this, and the fact that although he enjoys saying "uh oh" he didn't seem to totally understand how to use the word. And then I realized that "uh oh" is the perfect word for a toddler, because in basically every moment of a toddler's life, "uh oh!" is a context-appropriate word. In toddler existence, things are going vaguely wrong all the time.

Just as I was realizing this, Elliot proved my point by wandering around, happily saying "uh oh! uh oh! uh oh!" for no apparent reason, and then he paused, and peed all over my yoga mat.


Beck said...

Elliot is a genius - he has learned CONTEXT!

Jackson, Sheree, & Jason said...

Was that a premonition on Elliot's part? Something bad was just about to happen.

And again--you two have some real chutzpah to allow Elliot to roam sans pants.