January 09, 2008

This Morning

Well, B and I woke up a little bleary and irritable, for the obvious reasons.* But the good news is that we did not do this bleary waking up until...6:42.

Because Elliot slept in! And woke up cheerful and chatty. He actually was pretty chipper yesterday morning too, and I just can't tell you what a difference it makes to not have your day start at 5:45 and continue with tears and whining and wuggling** for the next hour or so. Cheerful mornings are SO MUCH BETTER. So much. I can't even tell you.

His new magical skill is to say the word "hot" and use it to refer to things like the radiator, the water in his bath and (this last especially impressive to me) the steam coming from the kettle.

*Okay, I really am going to try and not let this blog get too derailed by my political rantings. But I just really have to say this. Until Sunday, I honestly would have said that I would have been very happy with any of the frontrunners winning the democratic nominations. I've never found Hillary particularly inspiring, but I believe she is smart and well-meaning and capable. But the last couple of days I've found the Clintons to be so mean. Completely as divisive as right wingers say they are. So last nights result's are a bit of a bitter pill for me to swallow.

** Wuggling is one of Brandon's coinages for crying, moaning, grumbling, and basically carrying on. It's sort of like what Anne Lamott calls "gritching". It's also not too far from what the British call "wingeing". But wuggling can also be used as a noun, as in, "Elliot, what's the wuggle?"


kati said...

I just want to thank the women of New Hampshire for voting for the most qualified candidate. Let the White House glass ceiling come tumbling down!

Michelle said...

I have always felt Hillary was disingenuous and self-serving and a person who changes personas to satisfy the latest poll. But that's just me. As much as I love the idea of a woman in the White House (as Commander-in-Chief), I don't want it to be her. Go Barack!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty much ready for any woman to be President. I'm so sick of warring phony men.