January 05, 2008

Especially for parents, but also for everyone who likes to cultivate the festive

I just thought I'd point everyone towards this great list of midwinter holidays, generated by the very excellent Beck.

A mentor of mine growing up--an awesome artist math teacher lady--often advised me that in life it is important to "cultivate events." Events don't happen on their own; they only have the spirit and importance that you instill in them. This is something that I try to remember as I go through life, particularly as I parent, and Beck (who I don't know, really, except through her writing) strikes me as someone who is extremely good at this.

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Beck said...

You must have been writing that just as I left my comment on the Grand Old Duke post!
Well, I'm blushing. Thank you. And you know, I have made plum pudding before! It was very tasty, too.