January 03, 2008

Now back to our previously scheduled Elliot

Enough about politics -- let's talk about little boys and their reindeer games.

First you'll see this weird seal toy, something picked up by family from a street merchant in China. Elliot is utterly, magnetically bewitched by it -- we contrive (as cleverly as we are able) to hide it from him most of the time, just to give ourselves a rest. (And we don't want to give it to him to play with however he wants, because, well, it came from a street merchant in China.)

You'll see he's quite careful not to actually *touch* the thing while it's in operation. But he wants to relate to it somehow. He chatters at it. He invents little signs with his hands.

And this is a video of bye-byes. (Some of the bye byes are actually hellos.) Turn up the volume and enjoy Elliot's most perfectly formed word. (Phonetically speaking, it's even got a diphthong in it. Pretty sophisticated stuff, folks.)


Beck said...

The videos are gone and I wanted to SEE the seal toy!

Roxanne said...

a naked boy with a door, how cute does it get?