January 22, 2008

We've Been Gone!

But we're back, now. We were in lovely lovely Puerto Rico, where you all should go, particularly if you can go with grandparents eager to join you in care of your child.

We're still a little exhausted from our travels, and from Elliot's persistently screwy sleep schedule, but we wanted to say hi, and that we hope sometime to tell you of our adventures and misadventures, including but not limited to: Elliot being startled by an iguana, Sarah being startled by a manatee, Sarah, Brandon and Baba being startled by the sudden collision of their kayak with a coral reef, and everyone but Sarah being startled by the stomach flu. I would describe the transition from Chicago winter dreariness to Puerto Rico winter lushness as not so much "startling" as "well nigh sublime."

More photos over there on flickr, and some videos to come, hopefully, soon.


Beck said...

That sounds like a beautiful dream, except for the stomach flu. And the startling manatee. Welcome home!

Roxanne said...

oh wonderful warmth, we got away to Florida (not nearly as cool but super cheap) Great pics!! Sarah Happy Almost b-day!!!!

Jackson, Sheree, & Jason said...

Fantastic! What better things to be startled by than the wonders of the South. (I guess that includes stomach bugs.)