October 01, 2007

Quick Question

Does anyone have a preferred recipe for teething biscuits or toddler-appropriate cookies of any kind? Recipes abound on the internet, of course, but if anyone has any personal experience with the issue (Becks? This sounds like you?) I would love to reap the benefits of your wisdom.

In exchange, I can offer you this excellent recipe for some "muffins," and by "muffins" I mean "cupcakes disguised as a breakfast food." They are very good--I made them this weekend--and you can trust me on that because Whitney gave me the recipe.

PS: Brandon wants me to add that Elliot's special nickname for the morning is "Captain Hyper McDiaper Viper." Not for a while, Brandon says, has Elliot's morning nickname been "Cranky McJanky Storm."

PPS: I realize I implied up there that cupcakes are not a breakfast food, but of course that is just crazy talk.


Beck said...

My kids LOVED Farley's Biscuits, actually. They were nutritious, had a lovely crumbly thing going on and so I've never made baby teething biscuits!

Anonymous said...

if you are looking for an awesome breakfast muffin, my mom has a crazy recipe for one that involves pineapple, raisin, carrots, walnuts, and a hole bunch of other goodness. The making of these is a bit involved, but they freeze well - and of course (because of my picky brother) you can omit any of the items - but i suggest keeping them all!!! cuz that equals less for him and more for you.