October 28, 2007

Parenting is Hard-Core

I'm just a font of things to read, lately! Here's more. Kate, you'll appreciate this.

I consider this essay in today's Times to be one of the best things about parenting I've read in a while, and I'm not even really a Ramones fan. But as a compelling and understated argument about how parenting makes us realize so much about the difference between principles and the social markers usually associated with those principles, I think this is just about perfect.

Ironically, my one small quibble is with his laugh line about how parenting changes your relationship to vomit, which it does, and which did make me laugh. But I don't think it totally fits here, right? Because if there was ever an aesthetic movement that seems like it would have prepared you to "catch a handful of vomit, mid-air," it was the late 70's hardcore punk scene. Just saying.


sheree said...

Wow. That 10 year old really didn't get it. A ripped Ramone's shirt is better because it may have been ripped in the trenches at the show. If only hot topic sold them prefaded instead of starched like they're from "shirt shack" (remember that place?)

I think catching vomit is a way to earn the "World's Best Mom/Dad" shirt.

Kati said...

Besides the vomit, my favorite part was the bio: David Giffels, a former writer for “Beavis and Butt-Head,” is a columnist at The Akron Beacon Journal.

Akron. Sweet.

Beck said...

You're funny - and so right about the vomit.
That WAS a great article - thanks for linking to it.