October 09, 2007

More things that are not my favorite, and some things that are

not favorite:
  • a morning that doesn't start with a poo blow out, but does start with a mammoth milk puke all over the bed
  • mornings that start with inexplicable hour-long crying jags
  • brandon being gone
  • elliot loosing my keys
  • getting crabbed at by a woman NOT in an enclosed park area because my dog, who is within the enclosed park area, is off leash. EXCUSE ME, BUT IT IS 6:30 AM AND THERE IS NO ONE ELSE IN THE PARK AREA AND MY TODDLER HAS JUST SHUT UP AFTER CRYING FOR AN HOUR, SO LADY, DON'T TELL *ME* ABOUT CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY.

I feel that I should also say here that I am not saying I don't have perspective on these things, and how very very much worse all of them could be, I am just saying that they are not my favorite things that might happen. That's all. However, these things are among

my favorites:
  • sitting on the beach on an October morning, with your plum in your lap while your pooch runs crazy and joyous
  • sitting on the ground in a park with your friends on an October afternoon that feels like summer, except with crunchy fallen leaves on the ground, talking about life
  • elliot finding my keys, which he had evidently hidden in a trash can (just the one for paper by my desk, nothing nasty)
  • crisp fall mornings, in general
  • neighbors, in general
  • prosciutto and basil on a mini burger
  • the way toddlers walk on their toes


Kati said...

I'm up for babysitting tonight if you need an extra set of hands -- or a time out.

Beck said...

You sound so TIRED! Try to have a nap if possible - I always found a long bath with a big stack of trashy magazines REALLY refreshing.

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