October 15, 2007


  1. Is there something strange about the fact that he likes to eat hummus? It's not that we're ideologically blinkered about food categories -- at least, I hope not -- but it's really more of a condiment, isn't it? A spread, or dip, if you will. But not for Elliot. He takes it neat; no chaser. Give him hummus by the trowel-full, and he is happy.

  2. Elliot has a little fetish object -- his first. It's something he likes to have around -- something to carry from room to room, something hold in one hand while doing other things. It's a sock. Elliot is in love with a polka-dotted baby sock. We'll upload pictures soon.

    He carried his sock-friend around with him most of yesterday, and then he took it in the bath with him. When it was saturated with water, he sucked on it.

  3. Elliot and I (B) are alone together for the next 3 days. It's my first crack at single parenthood. Yup.


Beck said...

One of my kids DEEPLY loves hummus and will shovel the whole container down in minutes - I think it's a got the whole creamy/modesty savoury thing going on that some little kids really respond to.
Good luck solo parenting!

Kati said...

How old were you when you first ate hummus? I wasn't introduced to it until college. We were more of a peanut butter family.

Nico said...

Interesting, Ant also likes hummus. Me, not so much! He's also gotten his first fetish object. My car key. I'm glad he hasn't thought to bring it in the bath with him.

Good luck with the single parenthood!!

Roxanne said...

SO weird, Anni LOVES hummus as well, we cannot even get the hummus container out of the fridge without Anni attacking it! Anni & Elliot should get together to chat about 13 month old life over a container of hummus soon!