October 23, 2007

My folks were just here

And it was great, for several reasons (one of which of course is that with their help we get more PRECIOUS PRECIOUS SLEEP*), not the least of which is that it gives us a couple of extra people around to whom we can say, "isn't he nice? He's so nice. He's so friendly. Look at him! Isn't he beautiful?" as often as we want, without getting irritating.

It would surprise me that I'm really not over just commenting on Elliot's fantasticness, except that Brandon and I are still that way with our pooch, too. When Brandon and I walk her together we say, "Look at her! She's just trotting along. It's so great how she just trots along."

I think that a big part of parental-type love is just knowing the details of someone so well, and appreciating all the nuances of them being themselves.

*More about how sleep is confusing but definitely awesome in today's Times

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Deb said...

Visiting via Roxanne's blog. I think your statement about parental love is exactly right. We're the same with our son and our dog. :)