September 26, 2007

more break throughs

friends, elliot is walking. Walking. I mean, not like Anni and Teddy and other babies of our aquaintance are walking, but definitely taking steps in sequence without holding on to anything. Yesterday when I picked him up from daycare he walked into my arms. Awwww! Sentimental mama moment!

Julia sez it's time to break out the bubble wrap, and friends, julia is very right, because this morning Elliot whopped himself into the corner of the bedside table and gave himself a black eye, poor little plum. Undeterred, he proceeded to careen around the house, attempting to climb the stack of books next to the entry way table (crap!) and successfully pull out the drawer where the teatowels are, throw the teatowels on the floor, and then climb into the drawer himself and joyfully slide himself in and out, in and out. Our house is an amusement park; who knew?


Nico said...

Congrats on the walking, that's so exciting! I think it's quite amusing how much more fun the house and it's contents are than the toys purchased specifically for entertainment.

Amy E said...

Video please!

TH said...

That is great news!