September 05, 2007

Catching up

There is nothing more boring -- on the whole Internet -- than the classic blog post which blogs about why the poor blogger has not been blogging. So we'll be very, very brief about the contents of the last 3 weeks.
  • Ann Arbor (blueberry picking, Elliot watches)

  • New Orleans (wedding in a busted Caribbean city, Elliot stays home)

  • Graham visits Chicago (he and Elliot do Vulcan mind-meld, swap shoes)

  • Salt Lake City and Seattle (Sarah and B get stomach virus, Elliot works on a tooth. All grumble.)
Now we will go work on uploading some pictures.


Katie said...

Ann Arbor? Blueberry picking? First of all, our favorite new activity. (We have 14 frozen lbs of blueberries.)

And second-- ANN ARBOR!

Roxanne said...

We've missed you! What great pictures- Sarah you look fab in your dress!! I mean you always look great but without the usual rice puff slimed in your hair even more gorgeous! Elliot is so adorable and Anni agrees with him on the floatation device!