September 26, 2007

holy molars!

that is a bad pun. it's not even a pun, it's just a vague attempt at verbal hilarity. but, it does describe sentiments about tonight's news. Just this morning I was taking comfort from nico's description of her son's comparatively-easy transition into molars--and now, we have detected two molars poking through Elliot's upper gums. Two! I'm shocked.

Also, right now, some high school-aged boys are playing pop-up in the alley behind our condo. They periodically make loud, good-hearted boyish noises: "Aaaah!" "Heyyy!!" "Daaaammmnn!" They yell, and when they yell loudly enough, Elliot pauses from his busy self-feeding and yells back at them in the general direction of the window: "Aaaah!" He's totally saying, "dudes! I'm a boy too!"


Nico said...

Okay, I have to say that is just too funny! I'm glad that Elliot's molars were about the same as Ant's. I do think his fourth must be coming through, the drool is on high volume again, and he's just a bit more emotionally fragile than normal. But all in all, surprisingly not bad. I've heard, however, that the eye teeth which come next really suck.

Kati said...

Is Elliot in the accelerated class for teeth growing, or what?

I LOVE YOU said...