September 21, 2007

It's the small things that are so demoralizing

This morning, Elliot woke up early. I had gone to bed a bit late--not elliot's fault--so was especially tired when elliot woke up at 5, after also doing some middle-of-the-night squawking. But we managed! I was tired, and Brandon was tired, but we got everyone cleaned and fed and Brandon left on time and I managed to find all the books I needed and find my keys and get the counter cleaned to prevent ants (we have an ant infestation; so frustrating)and got elliot dressed and myself dressed and it was all okay. And then 30 seconds before I was ready to walk out the door, Elliot found Ada's water bowl and dumped it all over himself and the hardwood floor.

And it's fine, right? You just wipe up the water, and change his clothes, and get on with life. But part of me wanted to just sit down on the floor and once and for all throw in the parenting towel.


Who She She said...

Oh, I know how you feel. People call dinnertime "the witching hour", but I find getting out the door in the morning so, so challenging. And when something like a spilled water bowl happens, it just feels like SO MUCH to deal with. I hope your day gets better.

Beck said...

Some days are just stinky. And getting out the door in the morning is AWFUL with a little one! This stage of your life won't last forever.

Nico said...

I have *definitely* had days like that. Any one or even two of those things by themselves would be just fine, no big deal, but when you throw them all in together, it definitely feels like some towel throwing is in order.