September 18, 2007

Health Update

Here's some grist for the mill, regarding the health of bebes: info about the effects of food additives, at the top, and then some more about plastics at the end.

I am not one to get too worked up about ingredients and chemicals; I figure that for the most part, what I eat is pretty safe, and nothing is too harmful in moderation. (When you spend your time reading antebellum novels about people who carry meat around in burlap bags, you're prone to thinking that you've got it pretty good.) But the news presented here, while still inconclusive, seems a good reminder that, y'know, it's smart to eat fresh foods.

I kinda like the plastic news because it (in my mind) justifies my tendancy to put food in the microwave without covering it first with plastic wrap. This tendency is completely due to laziness, but I like the idea that it is due to a desire to protect myself from chemical build-up.


Amy E said...

Yeah, we should be so lucky to have the FDA, EPA, etc. I'm serious. I'm grateful that I don't have to worry about catching malaria from my fruit. I do trust the Feds, about some things, most things.

Food, and, roads.

Beck said...

I do trust the safety of our food supply too, for the most part. I'm blessed, though, to be surrounded by hyperactive gardeners and farmers and so I KNOW exactly how fresh much of our food is.

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