April 08, 2007

Rough Weekend

The parental units are tired and worn. Ada is sick -- some gross GI thing that has nasty stuff coming out both ends-- two trips to the pet hospital this weekend. She'll be okay, but will also be there all night tonight, on an IV. Elliot slept right through a miserable Saturday night vigil and is swinging like a champ.

It was especially nice that he let us all take a nap sunday afternoon: very sweet. MUCH needed.

(Note from Sarah: kudos to Mark, who came over Saturday afternoon to babysit so B and I could do something fun. Our something fun was that we: napped.)


w said...

Molly had similar once, but before G- basically I cant even imagine the trips up and down your stairs. Miss Ada, we hope you feel better soon!

TH said...

Funny how a nap can be the one thing you want to do even when given other options. Jason's parents are here for the week and we wanted to go out. We looked at the paper, and determined that dinner was the best option. There was a concert, but it did not start until 9:00. We are too old for that. Maybe when the kids get older and we can sleep until 9:00 in the moring.

This next topic does not seem related, but it is. One of my friends out here got pregnant with #3 when #2 was 6 months old. I probably don't even need to clarify that this was unplanned (breastfeeding, and on the pill), because you would have to be nuts to do that on purpose. Anyway, at the time we had not had our second child, so I did not fully appreciate how little time you have when there are two kids. I really can't even figure out how they had the time or energy to get pregnant again. Amy you may think I am exagerating, but I am not. Lira sleeps through the night now, so we are less exhausted, but when she was 6 months old we were just tired.