April 05, 2007


This video shows Elliot's
  • affection for this afghan that was knitted by his Grams. It comes in for lots of whacking, tugging, and gnawing.
  • incipient sense of balance -- he's unsteady, he's precarious, his roundy head is simply too big for the delicate machinery of his neckparts . . . but sometimes he'll surprise by staying aloft for ages
  • role as a keen social observer -- keen enough, anyway, to be confused here. At the time, I think I was moseying around getting dressed, going in and out of the room looking for my shoes. Sarah was standing there filming him, but ignoring the fact that I was clearly up to something interesting. That seems to bother him -- he's not quite sure what to pay attention to. His eyes cut back and forth between us.
  • dry wit -- he sums it all up at the end

1 comment:

Megan said...

b....do you remember the days that i used to suck on the ends of my blanky? and nanky? ah yes, those were the days. mom only allows me to sniff it now....