April 12, 2007

Here's what's fun!

Here's what's fun: google image searches. They are FASCINATING. For instance! If you do a google image search for the word "mother," you will find two images, on the first page of search results, for Mother Teresa.

But you will get three images of Angelina Jolie, though oddly, all of those images are of Angelina with her own mother, and none of them are of Angelina looking hott with a newly-adopted third-world child, which is how I myself like to imagine Angelina Jolie.

Anyway, you may have noticed that motherhood makes women a little crazy? If someone asked me why, I would tell them to do this google image search. WE ARE CRAZY BECAUSE WE CANNOT LIVE UP TO MOTHER TERESA! OR ANGELINA JOLIE! FOR CRAP'S SAKE!

PS: it is also interesting, and upsetting, and NOT WORK APPROPRIATE, to do a google image search for "housewife." Oy vey.


w said...


Yes! Yes! Mother! Whore!
Also: Excellent, excellent apostrophe work here, my friend.

Amy E said...

I certainly don't think someone should be called "mother" who didn't bear and raise a child or children, just like I don't believe in honorary PhDs.