April 18, 2007


Elliot has teeth. Two of them! Kindof. I hadn't noticed them, but this morning Elliot was chewing on Brandon's finger and Brandon said, "....um...hey...can you...feel his mouth?" And I did, and confirmed that there are two emergent teeth, which are just barely through the gums. You can even see them, if you work really hard to watch while Elliot periodically opens wide his mouth.

This is exciting, because its exciting to have a new sign of his awesome growingness. And it's also exciting because it explains the runny nose he's had the last couple of days, and his comparative grumpiness. But also I will confess to being a little put out. His sweet toothless grins! I shall miss them.

Lately I have had the sense of Elliot "peaking," as Catherine Newman wrote of her baby--of Elliot being at the peak of a particular phase of his infant life. He's been sturdy and friendly and safe. And it seems that is true, that he has been at a peak, and that now we're over the crest of the hill and ready to embark on the next higher mountain, where there is crawling and biting and all sorts of new adventures. Mostly I'm excited. But a little nervous, and a little sad, too.


Roxanne said...

Argh! Anni is so jealous- she just gets the fussy and drolling part- no teeth yet. Congrats Elliot- what a milestone. Today teeth, next week drivers license :)

MAC said...

Bittersweet-I keep thinking that about right now, because I LOVE this age; you said it so well...I adore the toothless grin, but I think the two little bottom teeth grin will also be quite charming :-)

Now, what I want to know, and I know that it DOES work, is how the whole breastfeeding thing goes with teeth!

Amy E said...

Ohhhh, hims liddle tegs!!!