April 24, 2007

Infant Idol


Allright dog. Yo. Allright, yo, dog, check it out: I don't know, dog. I mean...I gotta keep it real, dog, and, it just wasn't working for me today. It was kinda whiny. I mean, from where I was sitting, it sounded like you just sat in the play pen and whined for, like, 5 minutes solid, like whining for cereal or something. But then you wouldn't eat the cereal! I don't know, dog, cuz you were clearly hungry. I don't know, dog. I mean, you got that big ol' voice there, but it just. . . there just wasn't any "yo" factor. Couple of pitch problems in the middle there . . . I don't know, Paula, what did you think?


You're just such a . . . such a beautiful baby. It's just fun to watch you, and each week, you know, you do something new, you bring something new to the show. You like being a baby, and that really shows. I think in other weeks you might have been . . . .a . . . .a better baby . . . .but really, I love babies.


Well I'm sorry, but that was completely ridiculous.

[Boos from gallery.]

No look! I'm sorry. Sorry! Excuse me! You're a nice guy, you're very small, the ladies like you, but from where we're sitting it just sounded like screaming! Complete screaming. And I couldn't understand the words at all. Couldn't understand a single word.

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Alesia said...

I loved this! I forwarded it to friends. Kids are such great material for comedy!