January 03, 2007

We woke up this morning and he was a person

I mean: really! Maybe it's just that he slept eight hours last night* and so we were more alert than usual...but it does seem like overnight Elliot has acquired a whole new level of humanness. He has been perhaps the world's most charming infant, but really we all must conceed that newborns are sweet but very...larval. They don't really do much.

But now! Elliot can grab his own toes. He can cheer lustily when something nice happens. He can blow rasberries. He is a baby on the move.

It's all very exciting. Expect him to start wanting to write his own blog entries any day now.


*I should note that Elliot's cousin-by-affection Sloane, exactly his age, is now regularly sleeping ten hours a night. Go Sloane! I like to tell Elliot about all of Sloane's accomplishments in the hope that he will feel stirred to keep up.

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