January 16, 2007

Take Heed!

As part of Elliot's evolution into a "human" he has now acquired some new skillz. We around here find this charming but vaguely ominous. A few days ago he employed his new manual dexterity to...stick his fist into my mug of tea. Of course the tea wasn't hot (I don't remember the last time I managed to actually drink my tea while it was hot) but still. It might have been hot. And this morning we concluded that it was now absolutely necessary to strap him into the bouncy chair, if you want him to stay there, because otherwise he can sort of "walk" his way out by this curious inverted process of bringing his toes up to his face to examine them (they fascinate him!) and then throwing his feet downward while also arching his back. Each time he does this, he moves a few inches downward, out of the chair.

It's super cute, but we sort of feel like we're being herded rapidly out of his infant eden into a larger, more treacherous, world. I mean, yesterday he almost spilled a half bottle of wine, left accidently within the increasing range of his arms, and that really would have been sad.


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