January 24, 2007


Sarah pointed out something interesting the other day: Elliot has acquired a new reason to cry. He used to have two reasons:
  1. Pants (full)
  2. Belly (empty)

    But now he has added one to the list:

  3. Bored
I suppose he'll go on adding new crying reasons now, as his powers grow (the ability to walk) and his frustrations do also (the ability to fall down).

Then, later, despite our best intentions, he'll probably grow that hard candy shell that's supposed to protect you from puberty. Then perhaps he'll start winnowing the crying list down til it's very, very short. By the time he gets to junior high, maybe he won't admit that there's anything on that list at all.

-- blwh

1 comment:

Kati P. said...

That makes me want to cry.