January 15, 2007

Don't Blog Groggy

so, um, there are a lot of typos in that last post! goodness. And a half-inserted footnote. Sorry about that, people. We're tired around here. And I'm not a great proofreader under the best of circumstances.

Anyway, what's the news? Elliot has a cold. He's fine, but he's been sleeping rather poorly. And: man, does he hate the mucus aspirator. He hates it SO MUCH. Probably more than he hates tummy time, actually. So he's not been in the best mood lately: snarfling, interrupted sleep, mucus aspiration. It's a lot for a small boy.

Also! The bears. They won yesterday, barely, and let me say: Robbie Gould, in light of your game-winning kicking skills I am feeling less irked by your frolicksome pan-like prancing than I might otherwise be. Way to step up, you weird lanky leprechan!

I am also happy for Rex Grossman, who did quite fine yesterday, and for the rest of everybody who failed to make any grave mistakes. Tank Johnson, way not to get arrested! Devin Hester, way not to let your multiple sloppy catches turn into total disasters! Go team!


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