August 01, 2007

General Update

There's much to tell you about the last week, which we spent in Utah with B's family and friends. But here's just an abbreviated list of Elliot news. In the last week, Elliot:

*Charmed a plane full of Mormon missionaries, bound for Rome
*Slept past 6 am four nights in a row
*Went boating
*Successfully "cruised" from one piece of furniture to another
*Tried repeatedly to let go of the object upon which he was leaning and stand independently
*Seems to be increasingly associating sound with communication
*Occasionally, if not consistently, made use of the "more" sign
*Climbed a flight of stairs
*Climbed down one stair, but many times


Roxanne said...

WOW! Elliot is like 2 years old! Congrats on the more- He and Anni can communicate adn request more of whatever lil' snack we have next week. He will be walking any day which is altogether wonderful and sad at the same time- he is so big- well done "little boy"

Nico said...

All these firsts are so exciting. I think this is a great age, it seems like there's something new every day! And the communication is just magical.