August 23, 2007

Do your babies do this?

Our baby is constantly wraping things around his neck. What kind of things? All kind of things. If he can wrap it around his neck, he wants to, and if he can't wrap it around his neck, he's more or less not interested. If you take away the thing he's wrapping around his neck, he sighs mournfully.

I had always assumed that those people who claimed you should get rid of all cords prior to having a baby were crazy hypochondriacs, or whatever, but it seems they were on to something.


Beck said...

Nope, my babies didn't do that - but one of them ate ANYTHING he could get his hands on, including half a bar of Ivory soap once. I would put all of my cords, strings and wrappy things away from the next couple of years, I would.

Roxanne said...

How crazy, Anni does not wrap things but recently has taken to poking herself in the eyes with objects she finds and then crying until I pick her up and feel sorry for her. She rediscovered her eyes as we play "where is your _____?" everyday. She sure knows eye! As you know she has also recently enjoyed beating up her friends....sigh....I am afriad of what is next.